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Artisan Food ~ Maamidi Thokku Pacchadi

Green, Unripe Mango (Maamidikaya)

Source : Amma, India.

A showcase example of traditional raw cuisine with unripe mango.

Sweet, Sour and Spicy.

Centuries-old method. Still prepared to this day in old-ways. Still excellent.

A Pacchadi, with a piquant freshness.

That is Maamidi Thokku Pacchadi. My tribute to the artisans of yesteryears.

Maamidi Thokku Pacchadi

Artisan Food : Aim and Purpose

Artisan Food: Mango Thokku Pacchadi
Ingredients: Unripe Mango and tadka ingredients
Equipment Needed: A good-sized, stone mortar and pestle
Skill level: Willing to work upper-arm muscles for 5 minutes
Labels: Amma, Authentic Andhra, Vegan, Raw Cuisine
Price: $2.00
Format: PDF

How it Works: After payment via Paypal, PDF file will be emailed to you to download the recipe. For any questions about the recipe or the download process, please email me at .

Mango Tokku Pacchadi PDF Mango Thokku Pacchadi PDF

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“Artisan Food ~ Revenue through Recipes” program aims to raise money, however small the amount, to support the children at Swami School at Nandyala. This will also lend a sense of purpose to my food blogging, and help me feel like I am accomplishing something through my activity in this Web world.

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~ Indira

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  6. Delicious dish. Which I tried in India when I was there with my wife on a tourist trip. By the way, I received money for this trip from dividends paid to me by an investment company, together with which I invested in money in one up-and-coming project.

    Comment by Aetrust — August 3, 2021 @ 7:24 am

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