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Weekend Fund-drive: Subscribe to Smiles

Vijay K Narayan of My Dhaba food blog is requesting us all to donate smiles through the Feed a Hungry Child (FAHC) fund-drive. FAHC operates on the principle that all children are entitled to a decent meal. Children who do not get proper meals are unjustly put in this condition. These children did not choose their parents nor are they responsible for their parents’ financial condition. FAHC addresses the ultimate holistic need, the hunger of each child it supports, and believes that illiteracy, malnutrition, and other concerns can only be addressed when hunger is appeased.

With the help of volunteers, FAHC has begun to supply feeding kits to 14 children and their families in Palakkad district of Kerala in India, since April 2007. Now FAHC needs our help. The fundraising goal is $ 3,360. I think we can do it easily. Please click the Chip In button at the top right of the site, and contribute whatever you can. If you require additional incentive to contribute, check out the contents of feeding kit and try to remain unmoved.

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The Children that FAHC Supports via Donate Smiles Fund-drive

Donate Smiles and Move the Mark towards the Goal

For additional information about FAHC and Donate Smiles Fund-drive:
Website: FAHC


To the Subscribers to Smiles
S and Madhavi
Thank you!

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