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Potato Curry Puffs ~ A Pictorial

curry puffs

Potato puffs also known as curry puffs are one of the most popular items sold at Indian bakeries. Flaky wrap and spicy filling, people love them a lot. They are prepared with puff pastry like dough, and the filling varies. Common is potato, then there is egg and also chicken etc. Baked to golden perfection, hot from the oven, with coffee or tea, the chat and the laughs - I can see going back to college days.

Thanks to ready availability of good quality puff pastry, I can bake them at home easily. My version has all the flavor and eye appeal of bakery-style curry puffs, but they are smaller in size, hence more figure and finger friendly.

For filling, I prepared potato curry with red potatoes. Boiled the potatoes to tender, and then peeled the skins, cut them to tiny pieces. Sautéed them with tadka seasoning, onions and peas. Added salt, chilli and turmeric to taste. The potato filling was ready.

For wrapping, I used the frozen puff pastry from Trader Joe’s. There are four sheets in one pack, and they were stuck to each other. So I cut them to three strips. Rolled each one to a thin rectangle. Divided again into eight equal portions. Placed a tablespoon of potato curry in each portion, did a roll, and baked them at 350°F for about 15 minutes to golden-brown.

Here is the whole process in images.

Puff Pastry Strip and Potato Curry Filling

Puff pastry strip rolled into a thin rectangle and divided into eight equal portions. Then wrapped around the potato curry filling. (I’ve refrigerated the dough after rolling and after wrapping for about two minutes each time, to firm-up the dough and for sticky free results.

Potato puffs on a baking pan. (I placed the attached ends on the bottom side, so that they won’t open up during baking.)

Baked at 350°F for about 15 minutes, Potato puffs ~ Hot out of the Oven

Potato Curry Puffs with Red Pepper Chutney ~ for Potato Fe(a)st at DK’s

Puff pastry doesn’t like heat. Refrigerate frequently and work with firm dough for sticky-free results.

~ Indira

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  1. Hi, Indira -
    Came to your site via DK’s Feast, and I love your idea of using puff pastry with this filling. A great appetizer idea — this might stave off my samosa cravings for awhile. I’m going to enjoy looking through your archives, now that I know where you are!

    Comment by manju — March 8, 2008 @ 3:06 pm

  2. I made these tonight for a dinner get together and they were a big hit! I had tried making with eggs before but they didn’t go over well.
    I think a spinach curry would make a good filling too.

    Comment by Pauline — March 9, 2008 @ 6:15 pm

  3. Hi Indira,
    I am a Fan of your cooking ,and i look at Mahanandi atleast once daily.I have been trying many recipes also.They are simply delicious.We are planning to move to Beeligham,WA ,i think it is 90miles from seattle.Can you suggest me about Bellingham?
    Is there some Indians around here in bellingham?I am very anxious to know.Kindly help us with some information.Thankyou so much.

    Comment by Yamuna — March 17, 2008 @ 9:35 am

  4. Thank you, Indira, for this recipe! I made it using the potato curry. My husband and I enjoyed it very much tonight! We had a few puff squares left over, so I sprinkled some date sugar, cinnamon, coconut and a bit of butter on each and they were a yummy dessert! My husband and I sat around after we ate and talked about other things we could put into the puff squares. Thanks for a great idea.

    Comment by Barbara — October 24, 2008 @ 9:41 pm

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  7. Let the fillings chilled off totally. Reveal the cake and cut into rounds. Fill one teaspoon of fillings into the round cake, seal the edges with water and woodwind the edges. Warmth oil in a wok and profound broil those curry puffs till brilliant darker.

    Comment by — December 15, 2018 @ 9:48 am

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